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Editing by Kathleen

Don't let your ideas and opportunities be hindered by errors.

Why use an editor?

Whether you're a writer who just needs a second set of eyes to check
grammar and punctuation,

a job seeker wanting to stand out in the crowd of

or an author with a great idea for a story who needs some
direction and guidance,
a professional editor can help.

Kathleen is a skilled editor who is timely, accurate, thorough, and personable.

She can take your rough draft and make it shine, from the big picture to the minute details.

Kathleen graduated from Cal State San Bernardino with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology as is currently enrolled as a Master of Public Administration student.

Her passion for helping people drew her to a career in Social Services,
emphasizing employment and job search assistance.

These skills have proved invaluable
for the last decade in Kathleen’s work as a freelance resumé writer and editor.

In 2009, Kathleen completed a Certificate in Editing from the University of Washington. Since engaging in the Editing program, she has collaborated on several different projects including Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life (a collection of parenting essays,) The Lustre (a fantasy novel,) and a policy and procedure manual. She has also perfected many blogs, term papers, and resumés.

Kathleen is an avid reader and traveler. She loves the beach, wine, and relaxing with friends and family. She lives with her husband and two children in Southern California.

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